Education for the whole homeopath
Education for the whole homeopath

Choose your best way to learn. 

Combine these for your complete education:

Classroom training
  Live online, in real time
Starts year round

Students in our
live online program say:

"This is my first online classroom experience and I absolutely love it. I can't believe that so much quality can be placed into my living room."

"I'm so grateful for the online classes, so that we can talk with each other and ask our questions."

"The live classes help me keep pace because class is at a set time each week."

"I like that all the courses are a bit different in how things are presented - it appeals to every learning style and makes it easier to learn."

"I appreciate the recordings for times I have to miss class - and they're great for review, too!"

"I am so thankful for the flexibility and format that allow a busy mom of young kids to to study homeopathy on a serious level."

"I feel privileged to be able to attend homeopathy school and it's all because you provide this service."

"I look forward to every class!"

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Clinical training
In person, central Florida
Starts fall 2014

Students say about

the Academy:

"I am just thrilled that I found the Academy. I can't believe my good fortune."

"I had studied homeopathy before, but with the techniques I've learned here, it's as if I've changed from doing math on my fingers to using a calculator."  

"The courses, the teachers, everything about the school is top notch, exceeds my expectations, and is delivering a complete education in homeopathy."

"There's a level of commitment here that weaves through all the challenges we meet along the way - truly helpful and very much appreciated."

"I feel very supported in my learning process by the Academy. They do everything possible to make the learning process accessible. There's a real sense of caring about who we all are as students, and how we are doing, and what can help us. Thank you for all that!"

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Our courses are for educational purposes only and do not in themselves provide any certification
or license to practice. We recommend and prepare students for national certification by the
Council for Homeopathic Certification.

We do not provide medical advice.